Monday, March 20, 2017

March 17th, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our learning today was themed around lots of St. Patrick's Day fun!!  In math, we reviewed our graphing skills by graphing the marshmallows in Lucky Charms!  After we graphed, we got to enjoy a fun snack!

We also finished the writing prompt "I feel lucky when...."  It cracks me up reading all of the creative and silly things these 1st graders write.  After our writing, we made cute little Shamrock people to hang up on our classroom door.

We also had a blast on our field trip to the Daniel Boone Regional Library!  We had a wonderful tour guide that showed us all around the library and talked to us about all of the neat things the library has to offer.  We even got to tour the 3rd floor, which was VERY exciting to these firsties!  What an awesome view from way up there!

Important Dates:

March 21st - 1st Grade Music Program  (starts at 6:30 - don't forget to wear blue!)

March 27th - March 31st - Spring Break (No school)

April 7th (1st Grade kicks off our service learning project) - look for a flyer in your child's Friday folder that afternoon!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pizza Party!

Mrs. Van Cleave from Nutrition Services joined our class on Tuesday morning to teach us about nutrition!  We learned so much about the different food groups and got to make our very own healthy pizzas!  This was a ton of fun and we all enjoyed eating our delicious snack!

Valentine's Day Party!

We had a fantastic time at our Valentine's Day party!  Thank you Alyson O'Donnell for planning all of our parties this year!  You Rock!!!  Also, thank you to all of the parents who donated party supplies and goodies!  The kiddos had an awesome time!

Friday, February 3, 2017

100th Day Celebration!

On Tuesday, we celebrated our 100th day of First Grade!  We had such a fun filled day of learning!  Here are some pics of our special day!

All of the first grade classes added to our 100 reasons why we love BEU and First Grade wall art!

We wrote about what we thought we would be doing when we are 100 years old!  We also used an app called AgingBooth that showed us what we would look like when we are 100 years old!  The kids thought this was HYSTERICAL!!!!
Trent being a good sport! :)

We counted how many licks it takes to eat a Tootsie Pop!  Well over 100 licks for sure!  The challenge was to not bite into it!

Lastly, we had an assembly to celebrate Mrs. Beulah Ralph's 90th birthday!  We heard from Mrs. Ralph's daughter, Mrs. Naylor, who told us many awesome things about Beulah Ralph!  Thank you to all the parents who donated supplies to a Columbia Shelter in honor of Beulah Ralph!

After the assembly, we celebrated in our classroom with cupcakes provided by the PTA!  What an awesome day!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

Our learning this week!

Reading: This week in reading, we are still learning about non fiction text features. We talked about charts and captions as well as reviewed text features like the table of contents, diagrams, and labels. I've also completed some mid year assessments that I will be able to share with you during parent/teacher conferences coming up in February!

Writing: We are close to the end of our non fiction writing unit! We started the unit by researching a topic and then writing a non fiction story about it. Recently, we've been learning that we are all "experts" at different things! We can choose a topic that we can teach someone about and write a non fiction book about it that includes non fiction text features! We will be having our non fiction writing assessments in the next two weeks. I will be able to share those scores with you at conferences.

Before we write our stories, we use a plan sheet to organize our writing!  :)

Math: We have been learning different math strategies to add quickly. We have been trying to memorize our doubles facts by practicing our "doubles rap" daily! We also learned about near doubles. Near doubles are a doubles fact plus or minus 1. We learned that if we know that 4+4=8, then we can quickly say the 4+5=9... (4+4 plus one more). This will be extremely helpful to us when we are taking our timed math fact assessments!

Science: Not only are we still learning about animals with our cpszoo project, but we also started our space unit. This week we learned about our solar system. We talked a little bit about each planet and will be learning more about the moon and the sun!

Don't forget - we have library checkout on Thursdays!  

Important Dates:

January 20th - wear blue and hat day (PBIS celebration)

January 27th - PBIS celebration for Responsible (dress up like the job you want when you get older)

February 3rd  - PBIS celebration for Positive (Neon/Bright Color Day)